Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked.

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Frequently asked questions

What is your class policy?

Class Policy - Classes are small so sign up early! We require pre-payment for all class registrations. Phone reservations are accepted with your credit card payment. A space will not be reserved until payment is received. The instructors put a lot of effort in preparing and purchasing supplies (where applicable) so that everyone has what they need and has the best class experience. As a result, cancellations must be made 72 hours before a one day class meets to receive a refund, and 7 days before the first day of a camp or a workshop. We must have 3 payed students by 3pm, three days before class, or class is could be canceled. If you are paying on-line after the cut off time, please call to make sure the class is a go. Refunds or store credits will be made if the class is canceled by the instructor. We will do our best to notify students of cancellation at least 3 days prior to the class date. Make-up classes are given only in the event the instructor misses a class. Class materials are not included, unless otherwise noted in class description. A supply list is available when you register, please purchase your supplies prior to class. Classes at Tanners Sewing Center are specifically designed for our supplies and materials. We appreciate your purchases and thank you in advance for supporting our store.

Do you take trade-ins?

Yes! Contact us to see what we can offer you. For certain brands and models, if you bought from us, you can often trade-up for the full purchased price of your machine within the first year of your purchase date.

Can I get classes on how to use my machine if i didn't purchase from you?

Yes! With a $500.00 fee, we can offer you unlimited classes on how to use your sewing machine, serger or embroidery software.

Do you give one time private lessons on how to use my machine?  Even if I didn't purchase from you?

Yes! If you bought your machine from us, just call the store to find out what time's and days are available. If you didn't buy a machine from us, we charge an hourly rate for that service. Call the store to find out about our rate and time's available.

Do you give private sewing lessons?

Yes! Call the store and we will connect you with Linda to ask about her availability and rates.

Why don't you sell your products on-line?

Many of our products can not be sold on-line. This is an effort from our manufactures to protect the small dealer, mom and pop shops, as well as have more control on their prices protecting the integrity of their brands. For those products that can be sold on-line, keep in mind that takes extra hands, and space for filling orders, boxing up and shipping. As time goes on, we may add this feature to our website if the hands and space become available. The more support we get from the public, the more we can add new features to our website. Thanks in advance for shopping small!